Birthday Girl

18 Dec

Holland’s first birthday came fast.  I feel like I blinked and my baby went from a cuddly little newborn to a walking, talking (well, still mainly babbling, but there are some words!), little lady who is on. the. move.  She is one busy girl, always anxious to explore whatever she can get her little hands on.  I’ve mentioned that Holland is rather social and really seems to enjoy being with people, new people even. So, for her birthday we wanted to do something that seemed to fit her little personality.

We had a little party with family and some friends, and while I’m not sure our little house was ever meant to hold quite so many people, we had a great time.   Despite the fact that she looks rather somber here, Miss Thang enjoyed herself very much.

Holland spent much of her birthday party playing with her new toy–check it out:

I think she looks kinda like a little old lady pushing it around.  Cracks me up.

Holland also loves the trusty ‘ol firetruck, just like her big brother did.

I am thankful for the friends and family who came to help us celebrate.

Don’t you just love how my dad coordinated his sweater for the day with our birthday girl?  He’s to thank for stringing up the series of monthly photos we displayed at the living room mantle too.  (Thanks, Dad!)

And of course we were so happy to have our favorite cousins there too!

Did I mention we had a little bit of a theme for this party?  Our little lady is quite the fan of puppy dogs, so I did my best to find ways to incorporate her little furry friends into the celebration!  {the little fur ball below was on major sale at Hobby Lobby, and I just could not resist him, so cuddly and soft!}

Did I create the fun, tissue pom-poms hanging from the chandelier?  No I did not, but my lovely and crafty friend, Shannon did–thank you, friend for passing these on to us!  I found the vintage embroidered tablecloth at a local salvage shop.  I saw it and knew it would be perfect!  I have visions of it in a modern frame on the wall of Holland’s room one day in the future…but I digress.
We had two cakes.  A little smash cake for Miss Thang (I used the ‘Vanilla Cake’ recipe from this site–it was really good, I highly recommend)
And a puppy cake for the rest of us.  I was inspired (ok, copied) a cake I found on Pinterest (If you aren’t yet a Pinterest user, feel free to call me and we’ll do a little impromptu counseling session for ya 🙂 , but I won’t link to the recipe I used because I don’t think it was particularly good.  I actually thought my little smash cake tasted much yummier than my fancy adult cake recipe, go figure.
In a moment of pure insanity while planning for the party, I decided it would be a good idea to make little puppy cake pops as favors.  Now don’t get me wrong–these little guys are cute and yummy, but let’s just say the process of making them was a bit overly ambitious for moi.  I must again thank Pinterest for the inspiration and I must thank my husband for helping me see the project through!  (I asked him if decorating little eyes and molding little puppy dog ears was reminiscent of the detailed work of dentistry…he didn’t seem amused.)
We served chili and cornbread for lunch, and then it was cake time!
We let Wade try his hand at blowing out the candle.
What you see below–a bit of hand licking–was the extent of Holland’s cake-eating!  But may I draw your attention to her sweet little cupcake bib?  Another gift from our generous friends, the Reppards!  Shannon makes all sorts of embroidered goodies, from bibs to burp cloths, even wreaths!  Let me know if you’d like more info–her beautiful things make great gifts!!
Holland received some sweet gifts from family.
A set of princess dishes from her cousins.
A baby doll to take in the bathtub from her Grammy and PopPop
And a giant stuffed dog from her Mimi and Papa, along with some puppy dog-themed books.
Mimi also gave Holland her first little silver bracelet!
Of course after the actual party was over and we sat Holland back in her chair to see if she might like to try one more go at her cake, she realized what she’d been missing out on…
What, you don’t give your children knives to play with?
And Holland capped off her birthday festivities with a  puppy-pop post naptime!

One Response to “Birthday Girl”

  1. Kimberly December 20, 2011 at 12:16 am #

    Happy Birthday to you sweet Holland. What a precious blessing you truly are!

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