A few more fall highlights

25 Dec

I am bound and determined to finish recapping our fall before Christmas gets here, so I don’t have much time.  Here we go!

Back in October, we travelled to Charlottesville for a birthday party.  Our good friends, Holly and Jay’s little boy Joel turned one, and we were so glad we got to be there for the festivities.

Joel was fascinated by big-boy Wade.  It was so cute to watch him try to push Wade around!

October 10th was a very special day–it was ‘Donuts for Dads’ at Wade’s preschool!  I sent Philip with the camera, and he made me so proud when he returned with a slew of pictures!  {please note Wade’s special “donut”…thank you again, Pinterest, where would I be without you?  Recipe for vegan donuts found here}

A group of us threw a baby shower for our friend, Caley.  She just recently welcomed her little guy, Harrison into the world!

We picked more pumpkins–this time with Wade’s class!

I couldn’t quite believe how bold Wade was with the goats!  I’m pretty sure this guy took a little nibble of Wade’s fingers shortly after this photo was taken!

And a real live pig race!  Funny and bizarre, if you ask me!

We visited Maymont with our buddies, the Reppards.

Philip and I were excited to get away to a UVa football game while my mom watched Wade and Holland.  Alright, well actually Philip was excited for the football game and I was just excited to get away!  Truth be told, I typically bring magazines to entertain myself during sporting events, but this time I only brought out my magazine once–during half-time.  I feel like that’s a step in the right direction, right?

We made a trip to Busch Gardens for Howl-o-Scream!

Wade’s favorite was the bumper cars.  He’d say “I’m gonna bump some people!”  So cute.

We celebrated daddy’s 32nd birthday, and I gave my heart to my new table I found on Craigslist (those two things aren’t related, but they’re both depicted in the photo below, so there you go.)

We had a pair of spiders at our household on Halloween!  Actually, this never quite came to fruition…I followed the directions and made two spider costumes, one for Wade, and one for Holland.  It was not a particularly hard process, but it was a bit time-consuming, and I at least liked to think they would have enjoyed the experience of dressing up and trick-or-treating…Oh, I dream too big, friends, I dream too big!  Holland was quite happy to don her costume, but Wade? Not so much.  Do you remember our fussy farmer from last year?  Maybe Halloween is just not his cup of tea…to add insult to injury it rained on Halloween, so my one child who consented to wearing her homemade costume wore it for about 15 minutes….of course I’m not complaining though!

Somebody may have done a little flirting with their neighbor, little Vanny B

We were incredibly blessed this fall by our small group from church.   We’ve only been involved in it for the past couple months, but it’s safe to say that our weekly dinner and meeting together has become one of our favorite things we’ve done here.

We picked up plenty of sticks, fed the geese at our neighborhood lake, and spent many afternoons at the playground.

{please note the little puppy dogs on Holland’s outfit.  Remember, she is a big fan of our canine friends!}

And lastly, we spent some time with Philip’s family over Thanksgiving.

Good grief, we were busy this fall!  Now I’m ready for Christmas!  (Good thing, cause it’s here!)


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